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Standard Fireplaces - 16" & 18" Openings

Our pricing structure is the same nationwide and is based on your fireplace opening size.

To determine the size of your opening you simply measure your fireplace opening, in a straight line as you look at it from left to right, and this will give you your opening size. The width of your grate is also the same size.

Supply & Install

Fireback Openings

If your fireplace has either a 16″ or 18″ Fireback the cost is €250 supplied & installed, incl. VAT.

Supply & Install

Back Boiler

If your fireplace has a 16″ or 18″ Back Boiler the cost is €350 supplied & installed, incl. VAT. 

Bespoke and Larger Openings

Supply & Install

Bespoke Fireplaces

If your fireplace has an opening size larger than 18” wide then that requires a visit from us to carry out a survey.

This FREE survey will determine the suitability of your fireplace and chimney for installation. If your fireplace and chimney are deemed suitable, measurements are then taken and a bespoke Chimney Draught Stop is designed & manufactured to suit your unique fireplace.

The cost here is based on your opening size and ranges from €350 – €475 supplied & installed, incl VAT.

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